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UFO Journeys

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Ozark 2019 Day 3


Adnan Ademovic - 'Extraterrtrial Contact and Human Consciousness' Adman says that we have to look within ourselves in order to understand the nature and intentions of those visiting us.  

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Ozark 2019 Day 2


Calvin Parker - 'Pascagoula - The Closest Encounter: My Story' Calvin did a great job just like he did in Laughlin.  He got the most laughs from the crowd and has the room pretty much packed.  I got a signed copy of his book and he told me that in Laughlin someone had stolen some of his books.

Rey Hernandez - 'The Worlds First Academic Research Study on UFO Contact Experiences' Rey went over the name thing as in Laughlin.  He covered the FREE, Foundation Research on Extraterrestrial and Exceptional Experiences. The stats really only cover the experierences that are known by the individual and not from hypnotic regression.  I think this skews the data toward the positive.  

Marc D'Antonio - 'Here to There: The Search For Extraterestrial Life' Marc covered how we have started in the Earth and moved beyond to the Stars/Planets in search of for life. 

L.A. Marzulli, 'What is the Truth' L.A. covered giants, Fatima, and the Peruvian elongated skulls.  He has very convincing proof that the skulls are indeed non human. 

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Friday, 12 April 2019

Ozark 2019 Day 1


Nick Pope - 'Disclosure or Just the AATIP of the Iceberg' Nick went over his Ministry of Defence history, and no I did not spell it wrong. He covered quite a bit of UFO history up and through the AATIP video releases.

Patrick De Hann - 'Extraterrestrial Revelation & Disclosure' Patrick talked about how we are the slaves of extraterrestrials put here to mine gold.  He also discussed the Time measurement and how it is different on Earth than in space.

Cheryl Costa - 'UFO's and Statistics - A New Approach' Cheryl went over the same dull statistics that she always covers.  Okay maybe that's too harsh! She has plans to do this for every state.

Lee Speigel - 'After 50000 Years of Close Encounters, UFO Disclosure Has Already Happened' Lee talked about he got into Ufology and a record he made for CBS.  He then working with the prime minister of Grenada was able to get a meeting at the UN.  He feels that there have been many times that there was an Important enough event that should have been disclosure. 


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Updated: Sunday, 14 April 2019 6:47 PM EDT

Thursday, 4 April 2019

UFO's and Beer
I was invited on a panel at Growler USA to discuss the Deputy Herb Schirmer abduction case from Dec 3, 1967.  It was also attended by Michael Jasorka a graphic artist who created a graphic novel about the Schirmer case.  Also attending were John Budar a previous NE State MUFON Assistant Director and the current NE State Director Dave Pares. It was a lot of fun and the beer did not hurt things either.

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Updated: Sunday, 7 April 2019 3:05 PM EDT

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Laughlin Day 7

This is the last day with the night ending with a diiner banquet David O'Leary of Project Bluebook interviewed by George Knapp

Speakers: Sean Bartok: 'Personal Accounts of Alien Contact and Hard Physical Evidence of Abduction'  Talked about his experiences living over land that was a sacred indian ground.  Similiar to Skinwalker, but tamer.

Kevin Day and Gary Voorhis: 'Recap of the Nimitz Encounter' They both told there story of there times in 2004 when they were on a traing exercise. Took questions from the auditence. 

Richar Doty: 'Richard Doty - Counterintelligence Officer: My Story' Told us that he was not involved dwith any deception with Paul Bennewitz and had been friends with Paul until his death.  Told us that besides taking pictures of UFO's that Paul also had pictures of classified drones.  Richard let Paul continue to believe they were all UFO's so he would not know that he had seen classifed objects.

Jeffrey Mishlove: 'Psycokinisis and UFO's: The Case of the 'PK' Man; Ted Owens' Jeffrey is the only one in the world to have a PhD in Parapsycology. Talked about Ted Owens and the things he has done including changing the weather. 

Geoge Knapp; 'AATIP, AAWSAP, BAASS, TTSA, and Other UFO Acronyms: Where Things Stand, and Where They Might BE Going...' George talked about the current state of things and gave some history as to why it got that way. 

 Off to the Banquet! 



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Updated: Saturday, 30 March 2019 8:52 PM EDT

Friday, 29 March 2019

Laughlin Day 6

I got sick last night with the flu and was unable to attend any of Fridays' sessions.  Luckily there was only one speaker that I wanted to here.


Charyl Costa:'A Jounalists Briefing - UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Presence'

Marisa Ryan:'Making the Connection with ET Souls and Guides'

Jason Rice: 'The Secret Space Programs' Effects on Society'

Dan Brock:'INTERSECTION: Human and Non-Human Artificial Intelligence ... or, when nuts-and-bolts weet woo-woo'

Jeremy Corbell: 'Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers'  This is the speaker that I wanted to see, tbut was siill no well enough.

 I also missed George Noory Night. No big deal as I have heard him before.  The only thing I missed was the entertainment. 

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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Laughlin Fifth Day


Krsanna Duran: 'What are the Crop Circle Makers Trying to Tell Us?' Talked about her ET contacts over the years and crop circles.  I really left early from this talk as I could not understand the speaker.

Jo Ann Richards:'Inside Information About the Secret Space Program' She must have mentioned, name dropped, every project, case and entity in the last thirty years.  I came from this talk no believing her at all.  

Jerry Wills: 'Close Encounter of the Second Magnitude: They Live Among Us' Jerry talked about his encounter as a child with a human looking creature that he talked to several times till he turned eighteen. He told us of his running into a Pleidian named Rich that he sees on an off in Peru.  He also talked about going through a portal in Peru where there were other witnesses. 

Joseph Burkes: 'Medical Healings in UFO Contact Experiencers' Joseph is an other member of the Foundation Reseach for Extraterestrial Experiencers' (FREE) Went over five cases of medical healing after people has had experiences most of their life.

Harry Drew: 'Seven Days in May: The Kingman UFO Story' Harry talked not only about the Kingman crash but the Kingman crashes.  There were three of them in May of 1953.  We learned that Wendelle Stevens was involved in all the retrieval cases.  The aliens appeared very human.

Calvin Parker: 'PASCAGOULA - The Close Encounter: My Story' Calvin is a great story teller.  He went over all the details of the 1973 abduction and also about his 1993 missing time incident in which he actually fought back again the alien and had alien blood on his shirt.  Too bad he did not keep it.

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Updated: Thursday, 28 March 2019 10:33 PM EDT

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Luaghlin Day 4


Bill Ryan: 'The Project Camelot Journey, 2006 - 2018' Bill talked about Project Camelot that he formed with Kerry Cassidy in 2006. He spent way too much time talking about his relationship with Kerry and therefore had to rush the rest of his presentation.  The rest hsa was interesting as he talked about different cases and those people involved.

Melinda Leslie: 'The Covert Program of Reverse-Engineering ET Abductees (MILABS):The Experiences, Evience, and Implications' Melinda defined what a MILAB is.(Military Abductee) What makes one a MILAB and what happens to MILAB's.  She brought Stan Romanek and Larry Warren into the presentation., both of which I don't think are truthful.

Dea Martin: 'Is There A Universal School of Thought' Dea is a psychic She has worked with astronauts and other figures like William Shatner.

Bob Kiviat: 'New Official ERA of UFO's Exposed: An 'Embedded' TV Journalist on the Trail of Truth' He is a TV producter that is suing Ron Pandolfi and others He is worried about the muddling of the UFO subject and works with broadcast TV productions.  He says that cable TV has muddle the subject.

Daniel Sheehan: 'Our To the Stars Quandry' Daniel was the lawyer on the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and other cases.  He has seen the secret Blue Book files. Called the To The Stars group all liers and also Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Laura Eisenhower and Andrew Bisagio all liars also.

I sat a table with Marc D'Antonio, Peter Robins, and Richard Doty for the Taco Bar Dinner.  After that we had a special event where they brought several of the Mimitz Encounter witnesses together for a panel discussion.The Nimitz Encounter was the tic tac shaped video that was released December 2017.  One of the witnesses also saw a more detailied infrared video that was over seven minutes long.  This event went on over a week and there were several objects.


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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Laughlin Day 3

It's been clear every day now and tonite I am suppose to go on a sky watch with night vision equipment and it has been cloudy all day and will probably be tonight.  In some ways I would rather it got postponed as I want to go to the David Adair movie presentation.


Thomas Conwell: 'Prophecies, Pollution, and Plate Tectonics - The UFO Link'  He describes himself as being a Forensic Patternist.  He sees patterns in data.   He has been looking at database data for ten years and he presented his findings. He then took the anomolies in the data and tried to explain why he thought this may be.  I thought his explanations were a little bit of a stretch.  He finished up by going over native american prophecies.

Howard Batie: 'The ETs Speak: Who We Are and Why We're Here'  He is a hypno-therapist and channeler.  States that every person has a spriit guide.  Talked thought the process of what takes place with their channeling sessions.  There are three factors: Source, Channeler, and the Director.  The results of these chanelling sessions are what you may think, just generic statements.  

Marc D'Antonio - 'Where Does ScienHece Go in the Face of the Unexplained'  This was rather a departure for Marc from his normal talks. He talked about things that happened in his life that he could not explain with science.  The first was the death of his dogs and the jolt of electricity that went through him and shoved him back when they each died.  The second was the death of his father.  He could tell right away that his father was dead as he was holding his hand and dropped it as the monitors flat lined.  He then saw a mist at the foot of his fathers bed that was there for around 10 seconds.  The third was his operation that he had after getting and infection in his heart.  He had strange visions that during the surgery and after he was blind and quadraplegic. He was able to come back almost 100 percent in around three months.  

Peter Robbins - 'Budd Hopkins, Children and UFO Abductions: a Personal Remembrance' Budd and Peter were both artists and met each other in New York City.  They both gave their first UFO presentation the same day at the same venue.  Peter told of his experiences with Budd of the years and also the abduction of his sister.

Raymond Szymanski - 'A Wrigth-Patterson Senior Scientists Quewt for Extraterrestrial Truth' Worked at Wright Patterson for 38 years.  Told us where he thought Hangar 18 actually may have been and why.  Went over his investigations into other UFO case such as Exeter, Rendlesham, and Travis Walton abduction.

Rudy Schild = ' Suppose that UFO and Other Contact Modalities Were True; What , Then, Have We Learned About the Universe'  Compare consciousness to computers.  Very technical speech and a little boring.

We did get a clear enough sky to have the sky watch and I did see several objects that may or may not have been satellites.  I did however miss the David Adair movie. 

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Updated: Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:24 AM EDT

Monday, 25 March 2019

Laughlin Second Day

Kerry Trent - 'Aurora, Texas and UFO's in the Old West' Born in Georgia and there were alot of sightings in thast area, one of which was a landing with physical evidence that covered up by a fresh set of asphalt.  Kerry has written a novel called 'Traveller' that is based on the Aurora incident.  He supplied no new information and although he had several slides he flipped throught them too fast with no explanation.

Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops' - You are not who you think you are' She has been a healer since her birth.  She was born in London during WWII.   Told of her life story with an alien presence.  She has one hybrid that has three hybrid daughers.  They used her eggs in the daughter.  Talked about how the aliens were looking for that were highly emotional and could easily be changed with genetic alteration. She explained that we and the cosmos are the same.  I thought that most of her speech was technobable.

Peter Smith - 'Life Between Lives - beyond human form'  Peter is a hypno therapist from Austrailia and Director of the Newton Institute.  He has several stories of his therapy sessions and those of Michael Newton that the institute was named after.  Most of the stories are on life and past life regression.

Mary Rodwell - 'The New Human Awakening dto Our Cosmic Heritage' Mary is a regressionist from Australia. She is part of the FREE organization.  She feels that we have genetically modified DNA that is altered by frequenies.  Says that DNA is controlled by the mind and the soul.  Feels that in the future schools will have to rethink the ways that they teach.

LA Marzulli - 'UFO Disclosure: The 70 Year Coverup Exposed - A Managed Agendato Obscure the Truth'  Believes in the Holographic Universe.  Also feels that contact is of a demonic and occult phenomenom.  Talked about the Nephilim and Fatima.  Showed the Paracus Elongated skulls and the differences to normal human skulls.  Also showed an implant removal surgery the last one done by Roger Leir before he died.

Geraldine Orozco - 'Hybridization: DNA The Currency of Our Past, Present and Future' Talked about her life and her introduction to hybrid children.  She later confirmed this incident with regression hypnosis.  Went into great detail on DNA and showed DNA lineage from different alien groups Earths past.  Taked about how DNA could be used as a computing system.

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