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UFO Journeys

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Laughlin Day 3

It's been clear every day now and tonite I am suppose to go on a sky watch with night vision equipment and it has been cloudy all day and will probably be tonight.  In some ways I would rather it got postponed as I want to go to the David Adair movie presentation.


Thomas Conwell: 'Prophecies, Pollution, and Plate Tectonics - The UFO Link'  He describes himself as being a Forensic Patternist.  He sees patterns in data.   He has been looking at database data for ten years and he presented his findings. He then took the anomolies in the data and tried to explain why he thought this may be.  I thought his explanations were a little bit of a stretch.  He finished up by going over native american prophecies.

Howard Batie: 'The ETs Speak: Who We Are and Why We're Here'  He is a hypno-therapist and channeler.  States that every person has a spriit guide.  Talked thought the process of what takes place with their channeling sessions.  There are three factors: Source, Channeler, and the Director.  The results of these chanelling sessions are what you may think, just generic statements.  

Marc D'Antonio - 'Where Does ScienHece Go in the Face of the Unexplained'  This was rather a departure for Marc from his normal talks. He talked about things that happened in his life that he could not explain with science.  The first was the death of his dogs and the jolt of electricity that went through him and shoved him back when they each died.  The second was the death of his father.  He could tell right away that his father was dead as he was holding his hand and dropped it as the monitors flat lined.  He then saw a mist at the foot of his fathers bed that was there for around 10 seconds.  The third was his operation that he had after getting and infection in his heart.  He had strange visions that during the surgery and after he was blind and quadraplegic. He was able to come back almost 100 percent in around three months.  

Peter Robbins - 'Budd Hopkins, Children and UFO Abductions: a Personal Remembrance' Budd and Peter were both artists and met each other in New York City.  They both gave their first UFO presentation the same day at the same venue.  Peter told of his experiences with Budd of the years and also the abduction of his sister.

Raymond Szymanski - 'A Wrigth-Patterson Senior Scientists Quewt for Extraterrestrial Truth' Worked at Wright Patterson for 38 years.  Told us where he thought Hangar 18 actually may have been and why.  Went over his investigations into other UFO case such as Exeter, Rendlesham, and Travis Walton abduction.

Rudy Schild = ' Suppose that UFO and Other Contact Modalities Were True; What , Then, Have We Learned About the Universe'  Compare consciousness to computers.  Very technical speech and a little boring.

We did get a clear enough sky to have the sky watch and I did see several objects that may or may not have been satellites.  I did however miss the David Adair movie. 

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Updated: Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:24 AM EDT

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