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UFO Journeys

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Laughlin Fifth Day


Krsanna Duran: 'What are the Crop Circle Makers Trying to Tell Us?' Talked about her ET contacts over the years and crop circles.  I really left early from this talk as I could not understand the speaker.

Jo Ann Richards:'Inside Information About the Secret Space Program' She must have mentioned, name dropped, every project, case and entity in the last thirty years.  I came from this talk no believing her at all.  

Jerry Wills: 'Close Encounter of the Second Magnitude: They Live Among Us' Jerry talked about his encounter as a child with a human looking creature that he talked to several times till he turned eighteen. He told us of his running into a Pleidian named Rich that he sees on an off in Peru.  He also talked about going through a portal in Peru where there were other witnesses. 

Joseph Burkes: 'Medical Healings in UFO Contact Experiencers' Joseph is an other member of the Foundation Reseach for Extraterestrial Experiencers' (FREE) Went over five cases of medical healing after people has had experiences most of their life.

Harry Drew: 'Seven Days in May: The Kingman UFO Story' Harry talked not only about the Kingman crash but the Kingman crashes.  There were three of them in May of 1953.  We learned that Wendelle Stevens was involved in all the retrieval cases.  The aliens appeared very human.

Calvin Parker: 'PASCAGOULA - The Close Encounter: My Story' Calvin is a great story teller.  He went over all the details of the 1973 abduction and also about his 1993 missing time incident in which he actually fought back again the alien and had alien blood on his shirt.  Too bad he did not keep it.

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Updated: Thursday, 28 March 2019 10:33 PM EDT

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