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UFO Journeys

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Luaghlin Day 4


Bill Ryan: 'The Project Camelot Journey, 2006 - 2018' Bill talked about Project Camelot that he formed with Kerry Cassidy in 2006. He spent way too much time talking about his relationship with Kerry and therefore had to rush the rest of his presentation.  The rest hsa was interesting as he talked about different cases and those people involved.

Melinda Leslie: 'The Covert Program of Reverse-Engineering ET Abductees (MILABS):The Experiences, Evience, and Implications' Melinda defined what a MILAB is.(Military Abductee) What makes one a MILAB and what happens to MILAB's.  She brought Stan Romanek and Larry Warren into the presentation., both of which I don't think are truthful.

Dea Martin: 'Is There A Universal School of Thought' Dea is a psychic She has worked with astronauts and other figures like William Shatner.

Bob Kiviat: 'New Official ERA of UFO's Exposed: An 'Embedded' TV Journalist on the Trail of Truth' He is a TV producter that is suing Ron Pandolfi and others He is worried about the muddling of the UFO subject and works with broadcast TV productions.  He says that cable TV has muddle the subject.

Daniel Sheehan: 'Our To the Stars Quandry' Daniel was the lawyer on the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and other cases.  He has seen the secret Blue Book files. Called the To The Stars group all liers and also Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Laura Eisenhower and Andrew Bisagio all liars also.

I sat a table with Marc D'Antonio, Peter Robins, and Richard Doty for the Taco Bar Dinner.  After that we had a special event where they brought several of the Mimitz Encounter witnesses together for a panel discussion.The Nimitz Encounter was the tic tac shaped video that was released December 2017.  One of the witnesses also saw a more detailied infrared video that was over seven minutes long.  This event went on over a week and there were several objects.


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Updated: Thursday, 28 March 2019 9:52 AM EDT

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