Iowa UFO Sightings

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Benton County, Iowa (1981)

Here is my First Sighting when I was 12 years old

It was the last week in July or the first week of August in 1981. I was only 12 years old. I have only told about three people of me and my friend’s Experience. We lived in rural Benton county. I was spending the night at this friends house. We were going to camp out in a ravine in the pasture behind his house. We went out at around 6:00 PM and had just started a small fire. as we were putting wood on the fire I noticed a big black object in the sky to the west of us . It was heading in a southward direction. We were trying to figure out what kind of plane it could be. When it changed direction and was headed right toward us. Being kids as we were we started thinking it was the DNR coming to get us for our fire. (Quite a silly thought now that I am older). We were trying to put out our fire as it approached we realized this was no plane it was Black as night, triangle shaped, with three lights underneath one in each corner they were like spot lights very bright bluish white light, and one white light right in the middle. There was no sound coming from this object. and it was moving very slowly between 10 and 15 mph . My friend and I ran up under the tree on the hill. this thing was about half the size of a football field. the leaves on the trees were moving a lot but I can not remember if I could Feel a wind or not. I could see the lights coming through the trees. The very next thing either of us remembered was running up the hill until we reached the fence, we were scared and nervous. We watched this object Flying of in a south east Direction toward Cedar Rapids, and Palo. We raced to his house and when we entered the clock said 12:07 AM. Now mind you the place we were going to camp that night is only about a five minute walk to the house and with in sight of the house. I can not say what happened in the time between about 6:25 PM and 12:07 AM. I can go with out thinking of this all year but even now 28 years later this occupies my mind in the last week of July and the first week of August. And here it is I am writing this on July 29th . I have always been curious if Anyone else had seen what we did. Even living out in the country Someone had to have seen this thing. A farmer in the fields or someone!!

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This is a very good representation of what we saw

This is a very good representation of what we saw

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This is a very good representation of what we saw

This is a very good representation of what we saw

Benton County Iowa May 6th 2012

Transparent Triangle Sighting in Vinton-Urbana, Iowa on May 6th 2012

This was my Second Sighting It was the first week of May 2012 My oldest daughter and I were driving east on highway 150 out of Vinton about half way to Urbana. The sky was clear but for a few Fluffy white clouds (Cumulus clouds) it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I noticed the outline of a triangular shaped object. It was transparent you could see the sky through it. But the edges and the sky seen through the object were blurry and slightly darker than the rest of the sky. I watched as the object Rolled to where it grew very thin were you could hardly see it and then continued to roll and was seen the same as before. I watched as this object did this for about 1-2 mins. Then it rolled and was just gone!! That is when I heard my daughter Say DID YOU SEE THAT TWO!!! That is when I first realized she had stopped talking to and had been staring at the object to. I am not sure how far away the object was but it was about half way from the horizon to the noon position. So easily seen through the windshield. The size was the same width as the road when you would compare the road and the object. Black Triangle Sighting in Vinton-Urbana, Iowa on May 6th 2012 - transparent triangular shaped object

Highway 150 (local 55th st) Outside Urbana Iowa
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