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Recomended Reading List

  1. ‘Encounters With Star People – 1973’ by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
  2. ‘The Dual Soul Connection – 1973’ by Suzy Hansen
  3. ‘UFO's - Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record – 1973’ by Leslie Kean
  4. ‘Earth, An Alien Enterprise – 1973’ by Timothy Good
  5. ‘Above Top Secret – 1973’ by Timothy Good
  6. ‘UFOs AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE - 1941 – 1973’ by Richard Dolan
  7. ‘UFOs AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE - 1973 – 1991’ by Richard Dolan  Both of these books are a must have as they provide an historical perspective on the UFO subject.
  8. ‘ABOVE TOP SECRET’, by Timothy Good, is important, not only for the content of the narrative, but ESPECIALLY because of the 144 page appendix showing the photographically reproduced documents demonstrating intense interest in UFOs by the CIA, DIA, FBI, and the military.
  9. ‘SIGHT UNSEEN’, by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey, is to be highly recommended.   SIGHT UNSEEN deals with the subject in a broader context, and is the result of years of research.
  10. ‘The Betty and Barney Hill Book’ by Stanton Friendman is good and should be on your list.
  11. ‘UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials  Go On The Record’ – by Leslie Kean
  12. ‘Fire in the Sky’ by Travis Walton – A very interesting abduction experience
  13. ‘Revelations  - Alien Contact and Human Deception’ by Jacques Vallee – The appendix has an abstract ‘Five Arguments Against The Extraterrestrial Origin Of Unidentified Flying Objects’
  14. 'Confronting the Quantum Enigma: Albert, Niels, and John' David J. Kreiter
  15. 'Quantum Reality: A New Philosophical Perspective' David J. Kreiter
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